Favourite Interview Question recently Asked

When you apply for any job in any industry, you will face one of the most important process, that is interview. Most of people are very curious about the questions which interviewer asked.

So lets get started with some of the questions which has been asked recently in top companies.

Interview Questions

Q1. Tell me about yourself in 5 minutes or less?

Now this is the question which you need to tell them the true facts about you. If here you start saying my height is x.x inches and my fav. color is xyz. then it will not going to get you expected attention by the HR. The answer should be simple and clear. Like for example : myself xyz, i completed my engineering from xyz university, i am good in developing xyz things. That’s it this much only you have to say. Then the HR will start asking you questions based on what you have said. So just keep going it will be simple two way communication between you and HR. Don’t get afraid of the situation or don’t lose your confidence.

Q2. What do you know about our company?

Now this is the question where most of the people get either confused or speechless. Because most of candidates are going with only one thing in mind, that is the package which am getting. So they forget few facts about the company, which might be going to pay him that package. So it is always a better idea to know the company in which you are going for the interview. Even if you don’t know every details about the company then also it is ok. because if you know all details of there company, then they might see as a suspect for any security breach in there company. And might having good chances of not getting selected at the very first place.

Q3. What is your future goal ? 

In here, you have to clearly specify your future goals which you are going to achieve if you get this job. Don’t just say anything to impress the HR. Don’t say that i want to be very rich person in the world. This is the most funny and childish future. Therefore don’t just ask it because they have asked you answer it properly. And if you didn’t have any future goals then also it will be fine for the company most of the times. Because what they will get will remain with them. Meaning if you join the company and you have no future goals in mind then you might stick to the same company forever and the company can get benefit from you for long time. Therefore don’t worry about it much just be clear and be confident.

Q4. Why we take you in our company?

Now here you have to specific your skills and project works and other projects which you did. Projects like freelancing. And also explain them you updated knowledge in this field.

Q5. How much package you are expecting?

Here you clearly say what ever amount you feel you want to get.

Q6. Where do you like to work?

Here you have to tell them which geological location is best suit for you to work.

Also there are other questions which will be little less of priority.

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