What is shared hosting,vps and ds

Web hosting is a very basic components in any website development project. It serves as a platform where you will going upload or store your website content.

Lot of people are not much cleared about the various types of hosting available in the market. So there main three types which are shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server (DS). These hosting types are doing the same task of hosting websites and data of website. But only difference is in its performance. Now let’s see in simple words what is shared hosting , virtual private server and dedicated server.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting as name indicates that it will host the website on shared resources. Somethings it is beneficial but sometimes it will create problems. Therefore it is recommended for small website where there will few hundred of visitors everyday.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private server as name indicates that it will be a virtual machine. Meaning that it will be on shared system or we can say distributed system but the experience you will get is completely like a real dedicated machine. It is recommended for websites which has complicated programming logic and required some good processing. Then you should go for these types of hosting.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server is nothing but an dedicated machine or Computer which is dedicated for your website. It will be similar like your home machine with good quality ram and high performance cpu and high quality hard drive. You can do mostly everything on it. Start from hosting simple Apache server to java server or even game server too.

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