Most of the times we didn`t really care about few technical terms like BOT, PING etc. But these are the things which really make the internet an safe place to work. Now there are different kinds of BOT, some bots are made to protect your online presence and some bots are made to exploit the weakness in the system and use the system for self-gains. In this blog post am going to explain, what exactly bot means and what difference these bots make in day-to-day internet user.

What is BOT ?

BOT is a software program which is used to execute a specific task in the background of the system. The best example is Google Search engine`s crawler or spider Bots, These bots are designed to crawl web-pages and save these pages into the database. These bots are tiny bits of the program that visits every web-page on the internet and extract the important information and store it onto database. Now these bots are not harmful, they are like the team of army working day and night and gather loads of information from the web.

But some bots are really harmful, like they can make DoS attacks on the specific website or server. Which will take down your complete web server services from real and valid user base. These bots are hard to detect and can cause serious problem if undetected. Therefore when we develop website, we need to take care of these stuffs too. The bots are very fast and can send 1000s of request within few seconds. Which ultimately bring down the valuable services for valuable users.

How Bots are useful?

Bots are useful when we need to do lots of transactions or download lots of pages from any website. If you visited as bot then the owner of the website can see you as bot. And most of the times bots are generally used for crawling purposes.

How it is unsafe

Sometimes hackers can send bots to un-protected websites which does not able to distinguish between bot and real human user. And these bots can automatically login to your account and can do lots of in healthy things which your account. Therefore captcha or re-captcha technology where used. Captcha create puzzles or hide the code in to image. This way bots cannot analyse that, image and couldn’t retrieve the hidden code in that image. This way human need to use some technics.

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