E-commerce mobile app development with Phone gap,Core Android which is best

Developing and mobile application is a completely different task. Compare to website designing. In mobile application, we need to consider lot of things before we get started to built a fully functioning mobile app. There are things which we need to consider before getting started with mobile app development. List given below.

  • API.
  • Platform
  • Features in app
  • Look and feel of app
  • Which is best platform to built app.

These are the 5 things we need to consider before we get started with app development for e commerce website. Let’s go little deeper into these points which I have mentioned above.


API stands for Application Programming Interface. This is an way to send and receive data to server. Most of the people have asked me that, do we need API to built e-commerce app. So let’s drill down bit to understand this very clearly. As we all know the mobile phone are the UX/UI device with smart features in it. In order to make the whole thing work. We need data. And practicality it is not possible to keep the data on every device and request it from various devices around the globe. In order keep less delay in transactions. We need to store the data on high speed servers. And the API is the end point through which we send and receive data from that high speed server. Hope I have cleared this question if you got any queries regarding this topic please feel free to comment below.

If you are using core framework for e-commerce website to develop then you need to make separate provisions to handle these REST API calls. This calls are generated from mobile app. You can checkout my article on how to create API for website in PHP.


Now platform refers to which framework your are using in website. There are lot of framework which are available for free. Which has all the functionality which an e-commerce website needs. Frameworks like OpenCart,PrestaShop, Magento. These are the some examples of the e-commerce frameworks which are fairly great to get started with e-commerce website.

Also you can setup your e-commerce website with core MVC framework in PHP or asp.

Features in App.

Before you start of with the UX and UI of mobile application you need to finalize the core functionality which your app might offer to your customers. Once you finalize the features then on that you can built or design look and feel of mobile app.

Look and feel

Look and feel means UI/UX. You need to plan the design before you start getting things executed in programming. The Look and feel is very important. If your look and feel is not good and not user friendly then your app might not work and customers might not use it. So look and feel is also an important aspect of mobile app development. Basically look and feel also covers those user feedback on pressing any button in your app. Let’s consider for example. There is a login form in your app and customer came on to your app and hit login button, then screen still remains the same. There is not loading overall or freezing of screen in app. So as customer might think that login button has not been pressed and he might think that app is not working and close it. But actually in app background request has been send and app has now started with that customer session. But what is the point if customer has closed the app. So here onPress of login button some sort of loading screen should appear. So customer will think that yes my request is been processed and I need to wait. So this is an very small example. But because of not having loading screen, there can be huge issues in the usability of mobile app.

Which is theĀ  best platform to built app.

If you have less features in app then I will recommend to go for PhoneGap. PhoneGap is an simple web based mobile app development tool for all platforms. Also if you want to go little more advance then I will recommend to use react native. That is also great way to built mobile apps on cross platforms. So these above two platform obeys write-once-use-anywhere concept. And if your feature list is more native then go for core android development process. Which is somewhat detailed and can take more time.

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