What is Search Engine Optimization and how it is helpful to my business

Search Engine Optimization is a processes of optimizing search engine visibility in search results. The optimization does not means after doing good SEO your site will be always listed in top 10 list of search engines. The Optimization refers to making the website more user friendly and light weight. Also the most important thing is the content on your site. If your website is not having good content or your site has lot of  content. But that content has been copies from different location or websites over web. Then also your website might not rank well after doing good SEO on site.

So how exactly SEO works?

SEO is an optimization techniques which is done over time. This is not a quick process. Organic SEO can take up to 3-6 months to come in to action. Basically there are two types of SEO. One is organic SEO and other is Paid SEO. So in this post am majorly focusing on organic SEO. Whereas paid SEO is good for quick results. Or we can say websites which are not having more content but whatever content on the website is valid to the business. Then we can jump right on to Google Adwords Express tool. In the later post I am going to covering Digital Advertising methods and how we can do successful marketing campaign online.

How SEO is good for my business?

Search engine optimization techniques make your business products or services more visible in search engine results. This makes your business more popular. The SEO optimization techniques as I said earlier that has two types organic method , for that we have wait for at least 3-6 months, till the site gets properly indexed and structured data has setup properly. Then only it can come in  top 10 list of search results. Another and more popular one is Paid SEO or we can say direct Google advert also known as Google Adwords Express. But i will cover this Paid SEO part in later post. For now we will be focusing on the free SEO tips and how we can rank best in google search engine.

If the SEO is done properly of a corporate website, then when someone search for the related keyword of that site. The Website Listing will not just appear as normal Title Description and URL. But also you can configure Ratings of the Product or service. Or Overall company rating on the page. I will post how to use JSON-TLD to do on page SEO in the next post.

But there are tremendous benefits for an brand or business after successful SEO of that Website.

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