what is pay per click or CPC

Pay Per Click also called as CPC, that is Cost-Per-Click. It is a really good strategy to do paid marketing on google or any other platform which offers PPC or CPC.

How it works in Google Ads.

Let’s Consider that you have posted an advertise on google, something like a shop now campaign on google. When someone searches for that specific product, your listing might appear on google search results. Google will not charge you for showing the ads if you have selected Bid strategy as CPC. It will only charge you when someone has to actually click on it. But that is just one side of the coin.

We have to maintain good bid amount in order to get good position on google ads. This is done after some analysis on that specific subject area which your product or service is targeted. Considering that you are selling shoes online. And you want to rank your product in higher volume keywords. What is Higher volume keywords, it means those keywords which are having higher search count per month. Only those are good to have on your list.

Generally, CPC varies time-to-time, because it is an abiding strategy, therefore any new higher bid is placed. Then your bid might go down. So need to have a watchful eye on the analytics and how ads are performing over time. Google analytics is a great tool to monitor your website traffic and how it is originated and what is the bounce-rate and stuffs like that.

Pay Per Click Jobs

There is rapid growth in online marketing and advertisement industry for the last couple of year. Therefore there is an increase in a job opening in various companies around the world. Going for PPC or Digital Marketing Job position is always a good idea.

The general responsibilities of a PPC or Digital Marketing Job are to make sure you are using proper keywords and proper CPC for those keywords. Also, you should aware of daily trends and whats going on today. As this will be very helpful for you to decide what to do.

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