What is the use of SSH?

Use of SSH

SSH short for Secure Socket Shell is used to connect Cloud Server or any remote server with user securely. The major application of SSH is in Cloud Web Servers. The web developer needs to connect to the server in order to access files and folders on the server.

In simple terms, SSH is a protocol which allows an end to end connection with Server and user over the Internet.

Use of SSH

Use of SSH?

There is serval use of ssh as it is like a backbone of the cloud server. Because SSH gives you an ability to virtually connect to the server and run commands on that server remotely. This is only possible through SSH. Just imagine there is no SSH then how we will need to access the server at a remote location. We need to physically travel to that location to upload the files or make some changes in the server. Like installing new software or upgrading server. This is not possible every time. With SSH you can connect the server on your personal computer and control it via a shell command line.

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