Top #5 Tips to Grow your Business

In today’s world, everyone wants to be successful and powerful in business or in the workplace. But just by focusing on luxury you will not be successful. The key secret for success is real efforts you put at your work. But putting right efforts at the right place and on right time is also an important aspect. In this, I have explained the top 5 tricks and tips to boost your business.

#1: Focus of Deliveries

Focusing on delivering services or product on time, this builds up a good long term relationship with your customer. If your delivery of service or product is not on time or not is good quality, the next time that person might not come to you. You have to a reputation so that customer can refer you to someone else. If your service quality is up to the mark and for that first deal you not made good money, no problem. Like the work, you had delivered and the satisfaction of the customer is 100times higher than 50-60% profit margin. As your end consumer is happy. So the word of mouth will start showing you results.

#2: Pay Well and on time to your staff

For every staff working under you is always looking for payment security. If you fail to provide this assurance to your staff, then it will be difficult for you to manage the overall staff. You need to make sure even if you are in loss, then also your staff will not get their salary late or reduced. As if you delay the salary or do too much salary cutting without proper justification to your staff. Then they will leave the company and ultimately spread wrong signals at the workplace.

#3: Proper Marketing

Marketing is very important for any type of business, even for a marketing firm. There are various modes through which you can do marketing. Like in today’s world digital marketing is on the edge. With digital marketing, you can target the audience and show what they want to see. In comparison with traditional marketing like print media or banners, is good for local promotion. But through this technique, you are limited to a region.

#4: Customer Service

After a successful purchase of the product or service. Customer Service is the most important thing which a business owner needs to take in consideration. With bad customer service, you may lose customers. Therefore always focus on providing good and comfortable customer service to your customers.

#5: Use Latest Technologies

If you are running a software business, then it is most important to keep you and your team updated with the latest trends and technologies. If you are still using those old school technologies, then your potential customer might not be interested to get that work done from you. As he will feel that they are not using the latest technologies and because of that my project will suffer. And also make sure you provide good hands-on training to your team as well. Because as a business person you are not going to seat and develop the software or product. Your team will be doing that work. Therefore at first, your team should be updated with new trends and technologies in the respective industry. Then only your internal work efficiency will increase and your efficiency increase the product you delivered will also have the same effect.

These are the above points if you take into consideration, then you will not need to spend much more amount on marketing. As your marketing will be done at your customer end. They will personally and happily promote your service to there relatives and friends. And this is the most powerful way of getting business. Comparing Direct sales and Referral Sales. So referral sale is 10 times more reliable and trustable then direct sales. Indirect sales you have to prove yourself in front of an unknown person. But in referral, your capability is proven and the only thing you have to focus on is delivery.

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