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Why digitalisation is required in business.

Now a days people are more comfortable buying goods online. This gives a great opportunity for small businesses to grow online. Making your business online is a good decision, which you have taken, but still if you got any doubts then please continue reading this blog post, as I have explained why digitalisation is important […]

What is Search Engine Optimization and how it is helpful to my business

Search Engine Optimization is a processes of optimizing search engine visibility in search results. The optimization does not means after doing good SEO your site will be always listed in top 10 list of search engines. The Optimization refers to making the website more user friendly and light weight. Also the most important thing is […]

What is Bot

Most of the times we didn`t really care about few technical terms like BOT, PING etc. But these are the things which really make the internet an safe place to work. Now there are different kinds of BOT, some bots are made to protect your online presence and some bots are made to exploit the […]

Internet of things.

Internet Of Things shortly known as IoT. These three letters are very huge to explain in single blog, but I will try to explain as much as is could to give you an better idea about IoT. Internet of thing or IoT means that controlling or managing various onboard electronic devices over internet or web. […]

Web hosting , domains, vps, dedicated servers ?

Web Hosting is a most important part for every website or mobile application project. Because these days everyone needs a dynamic solution for there business. And in order make any website or mobile app dynamic, we need to have a strong yet flexible¬†web hosting solution. There is a wide range of options for web hosting […]

Is desktop computer is good or laptop

Most of the person has this question in there mind, that what to buy. Should I buy laptop or computer desktop. Answering this question is bit tricky. Because everyone has there own opinions about laptop and desktop. Therefore in this post am just going to talk few points about laptop and desktop. Desktop PC Desktop […]

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